guidelines for marriage ceremonies by Redeemer pastors

tips & guidelines

Congratulations on this exciting time of preparation for your upcoming wedding and marriage! 

We’re pleased to walk through this journey with you.

Please review the guidelines and submit the pre-marriage questionnaire as soon as you can.

guidelines to help you plan your ceremony

pre-marriage questionnaire
Both the bride and groom must complete their own questionnaire, which will be reviewed by a pastor.
reserve your date at W83

If you’d like to hold your ceremony at W83 Ministry Center, please submit your request to W83

Plan for Your Premarital Seminar and Counseling

Once a pastor has been confirmed to preside over your wedding, coordinate your schedules so you have enough time to complete the Premarital Seminar and counseling. Please allow at least six months between submitting your questionnaire and the wedding date.

Premarital Seminar

The Premarital Seminar is a required one-day, six-hour seminar that includes biblical teaching on marriage, exercises to help you and your future spouse learn more about each other, and Q&A time.

Premarital Counseling

Depending on your background and level of readiness, a pastor will provide three to six counseling sessions as a supplement to the Premarital Seminar.


The pastor will conduct the wedding rehearsal at the agreed-upon rehearsal time. Regretfully, pastors are not always available to attend rehearsal dinners and receptions.

The Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, please plan to have the entire wedding party at the venue at least one hour before the ceremony.

things to keep in mind

  • Wedding venues: W83 Ministry Center is available to rent for your ceremony and/or your reception. Start the conversation by filling out this form.
  • Getting married in another church: Certain churches have restrictions concerning officiating pastors. If you are getting married in another church, be sure to verify their policies.
  • Wedding licenses: Redeemer pastors are not responsible for processing wedding licenses. Please be prepared to follow the steps to properly process your wedding documents.
  • Out-of-town weddings: Some pastors will perform out-of-town ceremonies. No matter where you hold your ceremony, please plan to pay for any necessary travel expenses and accommodations. Be sure to provide your pastor with clear directions and the precise address to the wedding facility.
  • Honorarium: The suggested honorarium for the pastor performing your ceremony is $500–$1,000 (depending on the number of counseling sessions they provide) paid directly to the pastor. If required, the pastor may suggest additional sessions or refer you to Redeemer Counseling Services. If the cost of these sessions poses a financial hardship, please discuss this with your pastor.