no matter your stage of life, there’s a place for you to engage and live life in community with others


Redeemed University Fellowship (RUF) is a cross-cultural community of students discovering how the extraordinary life of Jesus changes us and our world for the better.

community groups

Gather regularly with a Community Group to share about life, find support, pray, reflect on the Bible, and serve others. Groups are available for coeds, women, men, and parents.

We also have a “Questioning Christianity” group for adults who are curious to explore Christianity.

premarital seminar for engaged couples

The Premarital Seminar is a one-day, six-hour course. Topics include the meaning and purpose of marriage, the qualities of a healthy marriage, the true nature of love and how to express it, communication and conflict resolution, role relationships, and sexuality in marriage.

getting married by a Redeemer pastor?

Review the Guidelines for Marriage Ceremonies by Redeemer Pastors.

getting married at W83 ministry center?

All wedding ceremonies performed at W83 Ministry Center must be officiated by a Redeemer pastor. Inquiries can be made to W83.

the gotham fellowship

The Gotham Fellowship is a nine-month learning community designed to broaden your understanding of and deepen your connection to God’s redemptive work by applying theology, spiritual practices, and cultural renewal to your work, your relationships, and New York City.

Each class includes fellows from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. Gotham provides three foundational elements needed for integration of faith and work: theological training, spiritual and personal development, and community formation.

We believe the Gotham Fellowship can have a transformative impact on every person at Redeemer West Side, regardless of their vocation. Through the program we explore how our everyday work plays a part in God’s greater call on our life, growing as a disciple, as well as seeing and pursuing human flourishing in our communities. As we all seek to love our neighbors and heal our city, both individually and as a church, Gotham opens our eyes to how we can view our daily work as a means of ministry and not just a way to pay the bills.

The Gotham Fellowship begins Labor Day Weekend and finishes the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend. 

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the marriage lab

A ministry for couples in their first year(s) of marriage, this Lab focuses on building strong marriages from the start while providing a valuable source of community. Newlyweds are grouped with seasoned mentor couples. Sessions are practical and interactive, addressing topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, and more.

Due to the pandemic, we have extended Marriage Lab beyond the first year of marriage. Your wedding date must be between January 2020 and September 2022 to enroll.

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following Jesus

Following Jesus in Your 20s gives us a foundation to live as a follower of Jesus and helps us understand the greater Christian story we are part of.  Gain practices that navigate a lifetime of discipleship by learning how people grow at Redeemer West Side.

This class a three-week, in-person class on Sundays and is interactive with some productive homework.

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This class helps potential members learn the gospel theology and ministry of Redeemer West Side so you can join the church. We cover what’s behind the five membership vows, how a PCA church is led, and how members step into our sacred call to love our neighbors and heal our city.

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christianity and progressive social justice

Justice. Equality. Diversity. Compassion. What does the Bible have to say about all these things?

From a historical perspective, the Christian faith is the origin and source of so many progressive values today. So Christians should be the greatest champions of these values. At the same time, there are some key ways that the gospel’s vision of human flourishing conflicts with the secular vision. This is not because Jesus wants to keep us from true fulfillment; rather, it’s because Jesus is calling us to something deeper and far better.

Join us for this five-week class as we seek to disentangle biblical views on justice from the secular progressive view on matters like race, sex, and gender. As we see where the two visions overlap and where they differ, we begin to catch a glimpse of the better story that the gospel invites us into. We hope you will leave with greater wisdom and compassion as you navigate these important matters in your own life and with the people you care about.

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innovating ministry

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