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nominate church members to the Session and Diaconate

As the church continues to grow, so does our need for elders, deacons and deaconesses. Once a year, we accept nominations for these positions. Church members may submit nominations online for deacon, deaconess and elder. This year, nominations will be accepted November 1 through December 10, 2023.


Nominate a person with:
  • A vibrant love for God’s word—to know it deeply and to strive to live it daily
  • A longing to see God at work in transforming the lives of others
  • A compassionate, humble, wise, and listening heart 
  • See here for Elder and Deaconess/Deacon role summaries
  • For deacon and deaconess: Nominees should have been a Christian for at least three years. They should also be an active Redeemer West Side member.
  • For elder: Nominees should have been a Christian for at least three years and a Redeemer member for at least one year. Please note that a minimum of two nominations are required for an elder nominee to enter the screening process.

evaluation and training

All nominees will be initially screened for membership and Christian experience requirements. If the nominee qualifies under both categories, they will receive a confirmation of their nomination and an invitation to apply to serve as an officer of the church.

Nominees must complete:

  • a short answer questionnaire of their faith experience 
  • a request for two reference letters to attest to the person’s spiritual maturity, leadership and service experience
  • a theological and practical skills training course
  • a series of assessments for counsel and discernment

Examined and approved nominees stand for election by the congregation at the spring congregational meeting. Nominees who are voted in are then installed in May, begin their term immediately, and serve for an initial three years.


If a nominee is unable to continue with the nomination process due to time constraints or other life circumstances, they may defer their nomination for up to one year. If the nominee is unable to move forward with the process within the year, they will need to be renominated at a later date.

For elder nomination deferment requests and questions, contact Andrew Field (917-206-1417).

For deacon/deaconess nomination deferment requests and questions, contact Jamie Yoo (917-206-1420).


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