A New Calling

February 12 2023

Book: Ezekiel

Ezekiel’s vision of God’s glory  is awe-inspiring and shocking. We see a violent storm, angelic creatures, complicated, machine-like chariot wheels covered in eyes, and a human-like figure sitting enthroned above this tumultuous scene. As Walter Brueggemann points out about the book: “Popular interpretation tends to dismiss Ezekiel as ‘bizarre.’ But Ezekiel may be exactly the right text for such a ‘bizarre’ time as ours.” Such a jarring vision of God is needed to reorient Ezekiel to an entirely new way of life and a new divine calling. Remarkably the Spirit of this wild God enters into Ezekiel to empower him for his calling in a brave new world (2:2). How does this God empower you to live out of a divine calling through times of radical disruption?