June 19 2022
Book: Galatians

Bible Passage: Galatians 5:1-12

Paul comes to the next main section of his defense of the gospel, highlighting the freedom that comes from being a child of the free woman (4:31).  Paul has been arguing the foolishness of falling back into a pattern of seeking God’s blessing through ‘works of the law’.  Here he makes his strongest statement showing that a life lived on the basis of God’s grace is freedom, life as it was meant to be.  While the life of seeking God’s favor through works of the law is cursed by the yoke of slavery (5:1).  This is an opportunity to highlight a theme Paul has woven through his letter which is that the gospel is objective truth (2:5).  Jesus himself said there was a truth that would set us free.  Paul underscores that teaching here and is an opportunity to highlight the theme of freedom which is so prevalent in our culture and how the good news of Jesus is the great means by which we have been rescued (1:5) and set free.