The Fruitful Life

June 26 2022
Book: Galatians

Bible Passage: Galatians 5:13-26

Paul shows in these verses the purpose of the life of freedom secured for us through Jesus, to ‘serve one another in humble love’ (5:13).  This is the sacred life Jesus has called us to.  Christians are to love their neighbors as themselves (5:14) and bear one another’s burdens (6:2).  This happens as we ‘walk by the Spirit’ (6:16) which is an intentional decision to no longer ‘gratify the desires of the flesh’ (6:16).  A disciple of Jesus seeks to live a life that reflects the Jesus we find in the gospels, cultivating the Spirit’s fruit in our lives and demonstrating to the world and one another a humanity that reflects the ‘new creation’ (6:15)