WS Update

May 13, 2024

Our words our powerful, able to create joy or damage. Yet James 3:8 tells us that no human being can tame the tongue. We are unable to completely control our emotions and even the best of us let out ugly words along with the good. We often say what we don’t want to say, but we can’t help speaking the murky mess inside our soul. The solution cannot be to simply try harder or speak less. The solution is a gospel transformation of the heart which moves a person from “ envy and selfish ambition” (James 3:16) to “peace-loving…full of mercy” (James 3:17).

Cory Cates
We are sad to share news about one of our elders. Cory Cates, beloved husband, father, long-time elder, and ministry leader at Redeemer and across the city passed away suddenly on Monday, May 6. Please join us on June 1 at Redeemer West Side for a memorial service to express our love for the Cates family, time tbd.

The Pastoral Search Committee announced Rev. Bijan Mirtolooi as their final candidate being presented to the congregation for our next Senior Pastor. The Congregational Meeting to approve Rev. Bijan Mirtolooi as the next Senior Pastor of Redeemer West Side will be on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 1 pm in the Sanctuary.

Meet the Senior Pastor candidate: Bijan Mirtolooi

We cordially invite you and your families to meet with Rev. Bijan Mirtolooi, our candidate for the role of our next Senior Pastor on Saturday, May 18, 2024. There will be three opportunities for all RWS congregants to meet Bijan and his wife, Michelle. Each gathering will begin with a brief fireside chat between Bijan and a committee member, followed by a time for you to meet and interact with Bijan and Michelle informally

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