WS Update

May 20, 2024

A new pastor! Our church community approved Rev. Bijan Mirtolooi as the new Senior Pastor of Redeemer West Side. He and his family will settle in around September 1 as we kick off a new ministry year. We’re grateful to God for a speedy process of calling a pastor to our congregation. We’re also grateful for the work of the pastoral search committee who volunteered hundreds of hours since October to shepherd the search. Thanks go out to the staff and volunteers who helped host many events this past weekend. Last, thank you to the hundreds of people who prayed for guidance and unity during this time.

Join us for the opening reception of Children Become Mirrors,” an exhibition that features the artistic work of Jihoe Koo. Jihoe is interested in exploring the concepts of memory and time, and her print series are about childhood and self-rediscovery. Her childhood memories and herself are reflected in these images.
We hope this exhibition awakes the curiosity of your inner child, brings back the memories, the vulnerabilities, and the joys that lie at the heart of everyone. We invite you to embrace a larger sense of a collective inner child, to look deeper at yourself, and at others.

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