WS Update: Unknown Future

August 30, 2021

“Give me this mountain.” 
— Caleb (Joshua 14:12)

I find myself challenged and even put to shame by Caleb. He and Joshua were the only ones out of twelve spies who, upon seeing the giants and fortified cities in the promised land, believed in God’s promise that he would give Israel the land. Forty-five years later, at the ripe old age of 85, Caleb’s faith in God is still vigorous and strong. He remembers God’s promise from that day and is ready to venture forth in faith despite the remaining presence of giants and strong cities in the land.

As we head into a new season as a church, I’ve found myself tempted to fear in the face of the challenges and uncertainties ahead. What does doing justice look like for us as a church? How do we stand for and embody justice in a world that’s so polarized around these issues? What will it look for our church to lean into a fresh vision when so many other things around us are changing?

As I was bringing my fears and anxieties before the Lord in prayer a few weeks ago, he reminded me of Caleb. What I needed was not a blueprint for all the steps I needed to take. What I needed was not more skills and training and resources. I have a God who is greater than all the challenges before me, and all I need to do is walk with in faith one step at a time. Where was the same kind of bold and vigorous faith that Caleb possessed?

I now find myself newly emboldened as we head into an unknown future together. I’ve been getting excited at some of the possibilities: outreach and relationship building with local communities in need; a cohort that explores the complexities and challenges of the gospel and race; building and reweaving community after a long season apart. I don’t know where it will all lead, but I know who has called us and is leading us. And I’m excited that we can venture forth, in courage and faith, into this new season together.

In Christ,
Pastor Paul Yoo

Change coming to the Sunday livestream

On September 12 we will begin posting a recording of our morning service at 5 pm each Sunday instead of simultaneously livestreaming the worship service in the morning.

With having been so separated over the last 19 months, it’s important to see each other in person. We need to relearn what it means to be in community with one another and in order for that to happen we need to be together. So we encourage you to join us in person, if you are able.

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Goings On

• RSVP for Vision Sunday, Sep 12: We will celebrate God’s faithfulness to us in the past and look forward to the next part of our journey together. Rev. David Bisgrove will share in greater detail our mission, values, and strategies for the future of our church. (This is an in-person event.)

• Attend a Community Picnic, Sep 19: Community Picnics are hosted by Community Groups and members of our Redeemer West Side community. It’s an opportunity to get to know others in the church and get connected with available groups!

• Register for CFW’s Faith & Work 101, Sep 27: Work and faith can feel entirely separate, divided into categories of “secular” and “sacred”—but Scripture offers a different take. This fall at Faith & Work 101, discover how your everyday work fits into God’s own work of making all things new.

• Check out group counseling options at RCS: This fall Redeemer Counseling Services has several group counseling options including Calming Your Anxious Mind, Sexual Integrity For Men, Emotion Regulation, and Empowering Your Asian American Voice

• Sign up for Premarital Seminar, Oct 2: If you’re getting married, or even just considering it, this seminar is for you! It’s a lively day of biblical teaching on marriage, exercises to help couples learn more about each other, and ends with a time of Q&A.

• Restore NYC needs an IT problem solver: Are you tech-savvy? A volunteer well-versed in troubleshooting IT issues is needed to assess Restore’s cable modem in their facility. Day and time are flexible, but females are preferred and site confidentiality requires a background check.

• Pray on Wednesdays with Do For One: Pray intentionally with and for adults with disabilities in NYC. During the fall, take turns leading prayer through the gospel of John.