WS Update: Getting the Ending Right

August 7, 2023

We all love a good ending to a story. When a hit TV series comes to a close, we feel invested in how it ends – and not just because we’ve given so many hours and weeks immersing ourselves in its world. No matter how great the entire series may have been, the finale can color the way we look back on the whole show. “A wrong-footed ending can virtually ruin an otherwise brilliant piece of art.” (Why TV Finales Matter)

What do we want from our endings? We want them to feel true to the spirit of the story and organically grow out of everything that’s led up to it. At the same time, we want them to unify all the disparate storylines and bring them to their natural and satisfying fulfillment. In short, we want consummation.

Yesterday, we started a new sermon series, “The Last Chapter – The Story of the Future” (watch yesterday’s sermon). How does the Bible say the story of the world will end? Naturally, we feel invested in the outcome. We want it to fulfill all our deepest hopes, organically true to the way life in this world has been, and yet lifting it all to a higher plane. We want love and celebration, but in a way that doesn’t minimize the suffering and pain we’ve experienced in this life. We want all our mourning and loss to find their resolution, somehow. We want justice to finally be done.

Knowing the way it all ends will significantly impact the way we move through life today. What we find is that God, the author of the story, has written the most satisfying and fulfilling ending imaginable. It is one that can fortify us with a strength and a hope that can carry us through anything we face in life. Join us over these next few weeks as we consider these things together.

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