WS Update: Good News

December 20, 2021

When was the last time you received good news that changed your life?” This was the question that our Community Group reflected on a few weeks ago as the Advent season began. While we all receive good news here and there, this kind of life-changing good news doesn’t happen all too frequently. A few moments came to mind for me personally, the most recent of which was the birth of our baby daughter for whom we had prayed and waited for years.

On a broader level, there is good news that changes the course of not only one individual’s life but the life of an entire people. These are the events that become enshrined as national holidays and mark the rhythms of a nation’s calendar, regularly remembered and celebrated as defining the story and character of a people.

At Christmas, we are celebrating what the Bible says is “good news of great joy that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10). This is a staggering claim – that Jesus’ birth is good news not just for one particular group but for all people. That no matter who you are – whether you are rich or poor, of whatever race or ethnicity, whatever your social status, whatever your past, whatever your family or national background – you are not denied acceptance with God based on any of these social distinctions. Instead, for any who would humble themselves, setting aside any confidence in their own goodness and worth and casting themselves wholly upon Jesus’ death and acceptance for them, they can receive the gift of a deep and eternally secure love relationship with the God of the universe.

This gospel message is indeed exclusive in one sense – you must humble yourself and submit to Jesus as Lord. That is not necessarily a popular message in a culture that trains us to constantly assert our rights. But on a deeper level, it is an attractive message that is freely open to all who would receive his offer to find life not in ourselves but in him. May this good news be a source of great joy to you in this season.

Christmas Eve Services

We will have two services on Christmas Eve – 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you as we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ!

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Coming up at RWS

  • Sign up for New at RWS, Jan 9: If you’re new to Redeemer West Side, we welcome you to come learn more about our church and get connected to community.
  • Join a Do For One info session. Connect better with adults who have disabilities. Attend an info session to learn about Do For One’s approach, hear stories of transformative relationships, and learn about how you can get involved.
  • Serve to-go meals at All Angels’ Church. Volunteers as young as 12 are welcome to provide meals to Upper West Side neighbors experiencing homelessness. Connect with neighbors following All Angels’ 5 pm Sunday service.