WS Update: Living God’s Story

September 5, 2022

The last two years have been marked by disruption in every sphere: social, medical, spiritual, and civil. This has led to disorientation with respect to our place in the world and anxiety about the future. A recent article in the Atlantic referred to how Generation Z has “never felt stable or secure, personally, financially, or physically” and are disillusioned with our current state of politics, having lost faith in institutions. Part of the crisis is the absence of a shared coherent story that guides our lives and the world in which we find ourselves and offers hope in the midst of uncertainty and fear.  

This coming year we will explore various stories and characters in the Bible and see how they are part of the grand story into which all stories find their meaning and resolution. This Sunday we will start with Jesus’ incredible assertion that the whole Bible is a story that ultimately is about him, and that we won’t know who we are or where we are going until we understand and live that assertion. Read Luke 24:13-35 in preparation. We will then spend two months in Genesis, followed by the story of David as we anticipate the birth of Jesus (Advent) and explore Jesus’ story in Luke (Lent) and then our story through the lens of the story of the early Church in Acts. Along the way we hope to hear stories from those in our midst who have encountered Jesus in their own journeys as we celebrate the Jesus story each week in Worship.  
So plan on joining us in person this coming Sunday at 10:30 am and for our fall kickoff picnic in Central Park afterwards. See you soon!

Youth Partners Cocktail Social

This will be a chance for any adults interested in youth ministry—including parents, guardians, volunteers, and prospective volunteers—to hear about WS Youth’s plans for the coming year while socializing with one another over drinks.
A new ministry year is upon us and the WS Youth team is excited to share all about its plans for the year!

Coming up

  • Youth Group is coming back, Sept 9: The fall kickoff of the youth group on Friday nights is Sept 9 from 7-9 pm and we’ll meet weekly thereafter. Middle School (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th) will meet separately at W83 (but at the same time Fridays) for pizza, worship, building friendships, etc. 
  • Join us on the Church Picnic, Sept 11: Bring a blanket and your lunch and come hang out with RWS staff and your fellow congregants in Central Park. (W. 81st entrance, south of the boulders just past the Diana Ross Playground) we will kick off another ministry year!
  • Marriage Lab, Sept 14: Marriage Lab is a monthly gathering of newly married couples, grouped with seasoned mentor couples. Monthly discussions will include topics such as a gospel framework for marriage, intimacy, communication, finances, conflict resolution and others. You must have been married during the period from January 2020 through September 2022 and attend either Redeemer West Side or Redeemer Lincoln Square to participate.
  • Build your community: Every community has a mission, and every mission has a community behind it. So if you’re interested in building communities for following Jesus together and making an impact in our neighborhoods, please let us know. Community groups have always been a crucial part of Redeemer’s life together, all the more so when communities have been fragmented the last couple years.
    Redeemer West Side is aiming to start up to 5 new community groups this fall. We’re looking for hosts and leaders who are hospitable, can facilitate discussions, and help their group find ways to serve the city and each other. If you feel like that’s you, send an email to
  • We are hiring: Do you know anyone who’d be a great fit at Redeemer? We are looking to fill several roles on our team before the end of the year. Check them out and spread the word!
  • Volunteer at Youth Group on Friday nights: Build involvement with our amazing middle & high schoolers by joining a weekly pizza dinner at W83, leading small group discussions, and being a Christ-like presence in their lives.
  • Volunteer for The Open Door, Fall Program: Volunteer to teach in-person classes starting in September (various dates at different sites). Meet hardworking people and make deep connections, all while supporting our marginalized brothers and sisters in the immigrant community.
  • Register for Redeemer Counseling’s fall Renewal Groups: Renewal Groups combine gospel-centered, biblical truth with some of the best tools from counseling psychology. Each Renewal Group is made up of six to eight people and a professional counselor focusing on a particular area of healing and growth. In each group, you will learn skills as well as receive the encouragement of peers who are on the same journey as you. This fall, RCS has three groups: Your Asian American Journey (for women) Sexual Integrity for Men, and Calming Your Anxious Mind. 
  • Love your neighbors with All Angels’ Church: Connect more deeply with unhoused and hungry neighbors on the Upper West Side. Join All Angels’ Church to serve in various ways: prepare food, serve breakfast, and/or provide dinner.
  • Become a Family Friend with Safe Families: Commit to being part of a network that supports isolated parents in New York City. Work with Safe Families for Children to engage with parents for one hour a week for one year. Learn more about how to get involved!