WS Update: Meeting Strangers

May 29, 2023

I hope you have a restful long weekend as the unofficial summer season begins. In your travels this summer, you may encounter new people along the way. Those people, as random as they may seem, are not random at all. No one that we meet is an accident. God knows us, our story, and our movements. In the same way, he knows and loves the people that he draws to himself through gospel conversations.

Sunday’s text was Acts 8, the story of Philip and the Ethiopian official. They are both on the road to Gaza traveling south from Jerusalem. Philip hears the foreigner in his chariot reading from the scroll of Isaiah. Prompted by the Spirit, Philip and the Ethiopian start a conversation about the passage that he is reading. Philip carefully listens to the man and then explains the gospel using the Old Testament to tell the story of Jesus. The man commits his life to Jesus and is baptized, rejoicing that he is no longer a stranger to God, but a beloved part of his family.

One of the remarkable things about Acts 8 is that Philip doesn’t really have a plan. He simply goes where the Spirit tells him to go and meets who God puts in his path.

Who do you meet in your day? What do they need to know about Jesus and how can you show them?

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