WS Update: Of Acorns and Walking

October 16, 2023

Walking our dog Charlie in Central Park on autumn mornings allows me to see beauty I would otherwise miss. It also allows me to “see” into deeper aspects of my own heart. Crunching under my feet the last few weeks have been acorns strewn by the hundreds on the ground: some on paved walks, others on hard soil, some in thick shrubs, and others in rich soil. For me, those acorns represented the hundreds of times I had heard the good news of Jesus preached, taught, and applied to my life. I also saw in them my heart’s reception of that truth in the cement, the hard and rich soil, and the shrubs. I am grateful that in God’s grace this news has rooted in my life, and I am also aware of the ways I still hear but don’t hear, see but don’t see.  As Jesus said after telling his story of the seeds:

“Though seeing, they do not see;
though hearing, they do not hear or understand.”

We live in a city and culture that requires and encourages constant motion that blinds and deafens our spiritual senses. Charlie requires me to slow down and observe the world in ways that were common in Jesus’ day when the main mode of transportation was walking. I wouldn’t have ‘heard’ Jesus’ insight without walking and watching. Most of those reading this have had the acorns of the gospel pepper your life in various ways, but like me perhaps fewer have taken root then you care to admit. As one who knows too well a heart of hard soil and thickets, let me encourage you as you begin another week to make time to slow down and listen for the gospel. Jesus is near. He didn’t stop teaching after his ascension. Maybe start with a walk in a park.

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