WS Update: The Gift of Broken Dreams

October 31, 2022

No one goes to counseling because all their dreams are coming true. When we find ourselves wildly succeeding and achieving all our goals, that can be a dangerous place to be. It can inflate our sense of self and blind us to deeper personal flaws that are slowly destroying relationships and the things that are truly important. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is for our lives to fall apart.

Jacob was on the run for his life because his destructive and selfish tendencies had finally caught up to him. (Listen to yesterday’s sermon) Sure, he was able to secure his ambitions of personal advancement, but he left behind a trail of broken relationships and was left alone and lost and vulnerable. Yet this was the very place that God wanted him, for now Jacob was ready for God’s grace to break into his life. This low moment became the key juncture that redirected Jacob from a self-absorbed and manipulative schemer into a broken and humbled man who trusted God’s purpose for his life.

How is your life going today? No matter where you are in life, if you belong to Jesus, you can know and trust that God is working out good purposes in your life that are far beyond your comprehension. His ultimate destiny for you is beyond your wildest dreams, and while the path often winds through valleys and detours, these are his ways to form us more like him and prepare us for our callings. It was a path that Jesus himself knew full well. I pray that we would all look to him and find fresh hope and strength for another week.

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