additional ways
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discover all the ways you can give to Redeemer West Side.

Employer matching

Many companies match employees’ gifts to charitable programs. 

If your company doesn’t allow matching gifts to religious organizations, you can request a matching gift to go to Redeemer Counseling Services, a non-faith-based organization. 

Please contact your employer to learn about your company’s matching gifts policy. If your employer requires Redeemer to complete any paperwork or confirm completed donations, please forward requests to Priscilla Dewing:
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
1166 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor 
New York, NY 10036

If you give through your company’s United Way program, you may be able to write in a regular gift to Redeemer Presbyterian Church through United Way. Please note that Redeemer does not have a 5- or 6-digit United Way donor number.


Give cryptocurrency through Coinbase, Bitpay, and Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund.

If you have a Coinbase account and prefer to send your gift to Redeemer’s Coinbase account, please send your gift to

To donate through Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, please initiate a grant request to Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York (Federal Tax ID 13-3555328) after making your bitcoin donation. Based on IRS policy, donors who give more than $500 should determine the fair market value of the donation by an independent qualified appraiser and report this value using IRS Form 8283.

Stock or Mutual Fund

Donate appreciated securities such as stock, mutual funds, bonds, American Depository Receipts (ADRs), and other property. 

Donations of appreciated securities are recorded as charitable gifts at the appreciated amount. These gifts may offer you greater tax benefits than selling the appreciated securities and donating cash. They also allow you to avoid capital gains, assuming you’ve held the asset for more than one year. Before initiating any transfer of securities, please discuss the tax implications with your tax professional. 

If you are considering this kind of gift, please contact Priscilla (917-206-1427 or priscilla.dewing@redeemer) to discuss how you’d like the gift to be used and so we can send you a tax receipt in a timely manner.

Request your broker to transfer the securities to:

J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp.
Account Name: Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Account Number: 73301394
DTC #: 0352

Please note it may take four to five business days from the time your broker initiates a stock transfer until the settlement date when the proceeds are credited to Redeemer’s account.

Considering a gift of a mutual fund? Please read the special instructions.


Donate from your Paypal account dashboard. 

Navigate to “Donate to a Cause” and search for Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Your tax receipt will come from the PayPal Giving Fund, not from Redeemer. 

Donations from Paypal Giving Fund may take 15 to 45 days to process. If making your gift close to the end of the year, please contact so we can be sure to include your gift in our annual giving reports.

Donate through PayPal

Donor Advised Funds

Make a gift to Redeemer via a Donor Advised Fund such as Fidelity Charitable Giving. 

Please advise the Donor Advised Fund where your gift should go (e.g. West Side, East Side, Downtown, Lincoln Square, Rise/NYP, etc.),

Your tax receipt will be issued by the Fund, not Redeemer. Donor Advised Fund gifts will appear on your annual Redeemer contribution statement under the non-tax deductible section.