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how to:

Access your group
  1. Log in to 
  2. Select the “Involvement” tab
  3. Select your group’s name
Add a member

If the person had signed up on the website but you don’t see their name on the members roster:

  1. Select the “Prospects” tab from your group’s page
  2. Select the “Join” link next to their name

Manual addition:

  1. Click on the “Add Members” button
  2. Input the person’s name and email address and click “Search”
  3. Add the correct person to the “org”
Drop a member
  1. From your group’s roster, find the name of the person who no longer attends your group
  2. Click on the gray icon under the Action column at the end of the row

  *If you’ve accidentally dropped someone from your group, go to the “Previous” sub-tab and select “Re-join” next to their name.

Email your group members
  1. While on the “People” tab with your group’s roster, click on the blue envelope button on the top right
  2. Select “Individuals”
  3. Select “Empty Template” or one of your saved templates under “My Drafts”
  4. Click “Send” and the email will go to everyone individually (members will not be able to “reply all”)
Change your group's meeting details
  1. Select the “CG Info” tab of your group’s page
  2. Click on the blue dotted line field that you wish to edit
  3. Click on the blue check mark button to save the updated text
Access discussion guides

For a PDF:

  1. Select the “Resources” tab in your Redeemer app or after you log in to
  2. The current weekly guide will be listed under “CG Discussion Guides” 
  3. To access other curriculum, click on the black triangle to toggle between showing and hiding past series

For mobile friendly:

  1. Go to
Create a view-only bulletin board for your group members
  1. From your group’s page, click on the blue gear button on the upper right
  2. Select “Members Only Page”
  3. Click on the “edit” link
  4. Click on the “Post” button when done editing. It will overwrite the previous content