Children of God

June 5 2022
Book: Galatians

Bible Passage: Galatians 3:26-4:7

The objective and forensic truth that a Christian is ‘justified by faith’ (3:16) and is therefore no longer ‘under the law’ means a radical reorientation of our standing with God.  Christians are now ‘children of God’ (3:26).  This is the primary identity marker of a Christian and the source of our unity. (3:28)  This adoption to sonship (4:5) means that Christians are objectively heirs of God according to God’s covenant promise to Abraham (3:29).  It is also a subjective experience that allows Christians to cry out Abba, Father (4:6).  This is a source of great joy and meets the deepest need of the human heart: to be seen, soothed, safe and secure. (See “Soul of Desire” pg. 32).