The Spirit

April 30 2023
Book: Acts

Speaker: Rev. Paul Yoo

Bible Passage: Acts 2:1-18

The outpouring of the Spirit is the “promise of the Father,” the long-awaited fulfillment of promises made long ago, something that would transform all of life. “The prophets looked forward to a time beyond the experience of Israel as disobedient and under God’s judgment… to a time when God would establish a new covenant relationship with his people, cleanse their hearts, forgive their sin, dwell among and enable them to obey him and declare his name among all nations.” All this would only come about through the Spirit. We also see that the Spirit comes to heal all our divisions – whether of cultural barriers (tongues spoken in all different languages), or gender, age, and social/economic distinctions (2:17-18). Now all God’s people receive the Spirit and are empowered to be his witnesses to the world.