April 3 2022

Book: Psalm

Scripture: Psalm 133

The psalmist celebrates unity in the faith community as a family (v. 1: “brothers), expressed in two metaphors that show this blessing comes from God (v. 3: “the Lord has commanded the blessing”). Unity is like the precious anointing oil on Aaron the high priest, poured on the head and running down (v. 2)—a priestly calling, holy and awe-inspiring. Unity is like the dew of the high northern snow-capped mountain Hermon which (figuratively) falls down to Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The dew “is crucial for the vegetation during the dry season” and “conveys the thought of a fruitful land” (C. John Collins). It “is given miraculously and…gives life in an otherwise parched context” (Walter Brueggemann). To summarize, unity is God-given as a holy calling and a creation blessing. When experienced, it is beautiful (v. 1: “Behold, how good and pleasant!”). It’s part of the abundant life God intends (v. 3: “the blessing, life forevermore”). Unity with God is the background. The sermon will call people to treat unity as both sacred gift and task we share on our spiritual journey (psalm heading: “Song of Ascents”).