WS Update: Reconciliation

March 4, 2024

Interpersonal conflicts are painful and disruptive. According to Matthew 18, reconciling with others takes self-reflection and courage. In simple terms, the first step is to figure out how you feel about the situation and the person: can you take the dispute to the person to make peace, or do you have underlying grudges or resentments? If so, those need to be prayerfully repented of. Then, you can go to the other person in humility and clarity to begin the reconciliation process. Matthew 18 gives no promise that it will work out since we cannot control other people’s reactions. Others may be brought in to assist and protect, and finally, the church provides a place of safety and peace. In practice, this process is complex and deserves thoughtful preparation and grace. For more info, try Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande.

We all want to grow and change. There are tons of literature and resources out there promising a new life and a better you. But how do people actually change?
Join us for a three-week class designed to introduce you to a biblical model for how the change process works. As we begin to grasp and feel for these change dynamics, we can start to see how God uses the situations and relationships of daily life to slowly but surely change us from the inside out.

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