WS Update: To Judge or Not to Judge

August 21, 2023

Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1) This may be the most recognized verse in the Bible today, and also one of the most understood. But it’s safe to say that our culture recoils at the idea of judgment, let alone a divine judgment at the end of history.

And yet it’s impossible to live as human beings in the absence of all judgment. We are all evaluating one another, all the time, though we may each have different standards for doing so. You may believe that no one has a right to judge anyone else, but that means you will indeed judge people who judge others by any other standards than your own.

In the end, our hearts cry out for a just judgment. We long for judgment against injustice and evil, and for good and right to triumph in the end. Without righteous judgment, justice is sacrificed to power, and it is only might that makes right. We also long for judgment because our hearts long for meaning. Apart from any transcendent standard for what makes a human life good or evil, it makes no difference whether we live a life of love and service or of oppressing and abusing others.

Jesus is the only one who can bring us the judgment we need while also offering to take the judgment we deserve. One day, he will indeed judge all evil and make all things right. And if we receive him, we can and will join him in that world where justice prevails. Knowing that can help us not only patiently endure the evils of this life, but also live with a hope that never fades.

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  • We implemented cutting-edge lighting improvements
  • We completed a comprehensive security camera system overhaul
  • Our space also received a fresh makeover with some painting

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