WS Update: Waiting

November 28, 2022

Advent is the season of humble waiting. Waiting to remember the heavenly King who arrived in the flesh, and waiting in hope for that same King to return. Christians use this waiting season to reflect on their need for Jesus (in repentance) and long for his glory (in worship).

The celebration of Advent is possible only to those who are troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, and who look forward to something greater to come.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Before the late 19th century, the long, dark December nights naturally slowed most people down. Now we can go at full speed for as long as we want, any day that we want, completely unaffected by the season. The city that never sleeps is also the city where nearly every minute strives to distract us from celebrating Advent fully. When our devices are flooded with stuff to buy, discount codes, events, and hyped news cycles, it is a small miracle that any of us can pay attention to Jesus during December.

A way to overcome those distractions is to be as slow and humble as you can, so that you can honestly look at the troubles of your soul. Set aside special time to wait with others in worship, either during Lessons & Carols on December 11th, or Christmas Eve, or in a small group. Try to carve out an undistracted time every day to follow one of the Advent devotional guides, such as this one. Pause throughout the day to offer thanks for the gift of your Savior. 

But the best way to wait is to let the Spirit exalt Jesus in your heart. Bask in the wonder of the Creator of the universe who compressed himself into our humanity.

Filling the world, 
He lies in a manger. 
Ruler of the stars, 
He nurses at his mother’s bosom. 
He is both great in the nature of God, 
and small in the form of a servant.

— Augustine

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