WS Update: Barbie, Mozart, and TikTok

April 15, 2024

Sam Chan, in his work Evangelism in a Secular World, describes the way that Christians can understand and talk about cultural items and views, whether in pop culture, high culture, or broad ideas. In short, the process comes down to knowing, understanding, and empathizing with aspects of that element of culture. It’s there because it expresses something deep about our human condition and desires we all can agree with. Then, we can begin to lovingly deconstruct it and show how the hopes inside point toward Jesus and the gospel story. Christians do this convinced that their “unchurched friends were actually crying out to be fulfilled by Jesus. They just didn’t know it.” Come hear Sam Chan, Rebecca McLaughlin, and Keith Plummer on April 26 and 27.

Navigating the complexities of today’s culture poses a twofold challenge for Christians: how can we address societal issues like race, gender, and free speech with friends from a Christian perspective, and how do we discuss Jesus without jeopardizing relationships?
At Engaging Culture, we will explore and equip attendees with the tools and encouragement needed to articulate their convictions confidently. Over this two-day event, we will provide insight rooted in biblical wisdom and foster a space where dialogue strengthens the fabric of loving friendships. Join us as we explore the intersection of faith and culture with grace, resolve, and authenticity.

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