WS Update: Secular Religion

April 22, 2024

This Friday, our conference on Engaging Culture provides more than abstract theory, because it will help us navigate issues at the core of our culture. As Rebecca McLaughlin writes in Secular Creed, some of these issues have been used in contemporary society as proof of a better world without Christianity. Yet without a thorough biblical view of humanity, sin and redemption, they have no clear starting point for their essentially religious-without-God belief.
“To our 21st-century, Western ears, love across racial and cultural difference, the equality of men and women, and the idea that the poor, oppressed, and marginalized can make moral claims on the strong, rich, and powerful sound like basic moral common sense. But they are not. These truths have come to us from Christianity. Rip that foundation out, and you won’t uncover a better basis for human equality and rights. You’ll uncover an abyss that cannot even tell you what a human being is.”
Hear Rebecca, along with Sam Chan and Keith Plummer this Friday and Saturday as they equip us to live and speak the Christian story in a world writing a new story.

At Engaging Culture, we will explore and equip attendees with the tools and encouragement needed to articulate their convictions confidently. Over this two-day event, we will provide insight rooted in biblical wisdom and foster a space where dialogue strengthens the fabric of loving friendships. Join us as we explore the intersection of faith and culture with grace, resolve, and authenticity.

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